Who We Are

Emergpharma is a leading global healthcare firm delivering consultancy services to a broad range of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices companies. For over a decade, we have been supporting our customers in the development & introduction of innovative drugs, generics & biosimilars, medical devices and food supplements in developed and emerging markets. 

Our Method

We are what we do. Excellence is not a goal, but a habit.

There are 4 pillars to our framework:

  • Our team

  • Mastering market analytics

  • Global view, but local approach

  • Network developed in more than a decade in the Healthcare market, +150 projects, +30,000 LinkedIn 1st connections

Find out how we can support your company in order to maintain control of viable opportunities and accelerate growth for your organisation.​

96-98 LoiKroh Rd. Chang Klang.

Muang. 50100 Chiang Mai, (THAILAND)


+66 626 975 691

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