Competitive Company Profiles

In depth analysis of Pfizer's competitive profile updated January 2013

The best tool to identify Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Risks of major players in Pharmaceutical Industry. Independent and reliable analysis based on all available (published and unpublished) company information

The Report has been designed to answer the following questions

Is Pfizer ready for the new pharmaceutical environment?
How strong is its portfolio? How is expected to be affected by patent losses in the next five years?
What about its pipeline?
How is addressing geographical diversification?
How are management changes affecting its performance? Which is present CEO Ian Reid strategic vision?
What is its strategy in core therapeutic areas?
What could be expected from Pfizer considering its competitive profile in a reasonable scenario between 2.012-2.016?


0. Short Introduction

1. Executive Summary

2. Key Success Parameters for Competitiveness for new challenges 

3. Management Style: How has been and is Pfizer being managed

4. Business Performance & Risk Management

5. Active Portfolio. Strengths and Weaknesses

6. Pipeline. Risks and Opportunities

7. Business Segment strategy

8. Geographic Diversification. Pfizer in Emerging Markets

9. Company position by therapeutic area

10. M&A, from past to future

11. Swot Analysis

12. Forecasting in different scenarios


A. Investing in Pfizer Stocks 2.006-2.011

B. Pfizer Revenues 2.001-2.011

C. Pfizer Performance

D. Pfizer R&D/Sales 2.001-2.012f

E. Pfizer Operational Expenses/Sales 2.001-2.012f

F. Pfizer Portfolio Segmentation by revenues

G Pfizer Portfolio Segmentation by patent status

H. Pfizer Portfolio Segmentation Rev/Patent I (Megablockbusters)

I. Pfizer Portfolio Segmentation Rev/Patent II (Blockbusters)

J. Pfizer Portfolio Segmentation Rev/Patent III (Middle Class)

K. Lipitor Revenues History

L. Pfizer Forecast 2.012-2.016

M. Pfizer Business Units segmentation

N. Big Pharmaceuticals by Business Unit Sales

O. Pfizer Geographic Segmentation. Evolution

P. Pfizer MS evolution in US market

Q. Pfizer MS in developed Europe markets

R. Pfizer Revenues in Emerging Markets

S. Revenues in Emerging Markets by Business Unit

T. Pfizer Core Business Initiatives 2.009-2.011

U. Market & Sales investments in Big Pharma. Evolution 2005-2011

V. Top 14 Pharma in 2.014 by revenues

W. Top 14 Pharma competitive profile in Emerging Markets 

Number of pages:  75

Format: Word document

Number of Chapters: 12

Number of Appendix (Tables and Graphics): 23

Period analyzed: 2.001-2.011

Forecast: 2.012-2.016

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World document (USB stick): 799 US $


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