Business Case: Example of Asset Scouting and Out Licensing

Project Overview

  • CLIENT: Leading global company highly specialized in flavonoids and vitamin B12 derivatives

  • OBJECTIVE: Find partners for out-licensing API Vitamin B12 derivatives. Diosmin, Hesperidin

  • MARKETS: Thailand


  • BUSINESS MODEL: Ext. Business Development Consultancy (EBDC) + Success Fee

  • Setting Project Definition: Prioritization, Product Training, and Local Competitive Advantage, and Unique Selling Points

  • Teaser Preparation: Marketing templates preparation, translation, commercial templates, email templates.

  • Partners Searching: Market Research, Filtering and Evaluation. key decision makers finding, overcoming regulatory pathway, samples delivery, direct company visits, support in negotiations.

  • Introduction of Project: First contacts to sales reps, secondary contact to R&D, follow-up to key-decision makers. Setting regulatory pathway, samples delivery, company visits, support in negotiations, follow-up of interest.

  • Feedback from 12 local companies in 3 Months

  • 7 Samples delivered to R&D department in 4 Months