Business Case: Example of GAP Analysis

Project Overview

  • CLIENT: European company with over 30 years presence. Portfolio of 45 pharmaceutical products plus 21 Food Supplements and Medical Devices

  • OBJECTIVE: Have a clear identification of the best way to enter each market and the right partner (Out Licensing, Distribution Agreement, Hosting, Local Affiliate).

  • MARKETS: Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore


  • BUSINESS MODEL: Ext. Business Development Consultancy (EBDC)


  • After 4 months, stage 1 completed. Feasible portfolio of around 60% products was registrable in the markets with minor adaptations, another 20% required stability zone IV B studies, and  the remaining 20% was unable to be registered (Food Supplements/Medical Devices not meeting the regulatory criteria in most markets, no commercial interest).

  • At month 6, it was approved to enter stage 3 in 3 markets (Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam) with a selected range of products, including 20 pharmaceuticals and 8 Food Supplements/Medical Devices..

  • At month 7, it was agreed to enter the 3 markets through local distribution partners, targets were addressed and proactive searching started.

  • At month 12, 2 contracts were signed in Thailand and Vietnam for a selection of Medical Devices/Food Supplements.

  • Asked for registration for the pharmaceutical products using an intermediate partner with a signed contract to revert to the right final partner once all the stability zone IV studies and other adaptation requirements has been completed and registration achieved.