Business Case: Example of M&A

Project Overview

  • CLIENT: Middle sized European company with presence in 30 markets

  • OBJECTIVE: Look for opportunities for and non organic growth through acquisition of Pharmaceutical/Food Supplements companies.

  • MARKETS: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia


Therapeutic Areas: Women’s Health, Respiratory, Gastro


Finance Profile: Revenues of $10-15 million dollars per annum (EBIDTA - Min. 15% of Revenues with consecutive growth in two digits last 3 years.)


Commercial Profile: Classic rep network approach, sales to government less to 50%


Products Profile: Some level of innovation/branded generics

Outcomes: in 4 Months we were able to introduce 3 companies in the Mexican market plus 1 more in the Colombian region.


Process ongoing: Special privacy approach service (PAS) under strict privacy agreement, signed with our customer. Our company will approach selected targets at maximum level to asses their willingness to invest, contribute or merge.