ASEAN Business: 5 Biggest players in Thailand’s Pharmaceutical market when considering values or volumes reflect completely different profiles and segments

January 25, 2016

Pfizer, Novartis, MSD, Sanofi and Roche were top 5 big companies in Thailand by revenues in USD. While Novartis grew 15% thanks to its generics division and MSD had also a slight sales increase driven by its diabetes franchise, the rest experienced sales reduction in the period (Pfizer -2%, Sanofi -5% and Roche -7%). Considered as a segment, the Top 5 market share was reduced 0.3% in the period.


When looking at the sales in units, all companies except Roche experienced growth: Pfizer +3%, Novartis +21%, MSD +4%, Sanofi +3% (Roche -2%). The segment as a whole represents a little bit more than 5% and the market share grew 0.3% in the considered period.


Looking at the market in terms of volume, no one of the above mentioned companies would be placed among the top five: GPO, Otsuka, Thai Nakorn Patana, General Hospital and ANB would be there, with a combined market share of 32% (and a MS loss of 2% in the considered period). However, these five companies, four of them local, represent slightly more than 6% in values.


In summary, 5 international Top companies represent roughly ¼ of the market in values, although only 5% in units, while 4 local plus a Japanese one represent 1/3 of the market in volume and just 6% in values. This asymmetry should be taken into consideration when evaluating market potential, not only in Thailand but in most Emerging Markets

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